Getting along in German Society – Almanya in Arabic Seminar on April 17 and 18, 2018 in Leipzig, Germany

On April 17 and 18, 2018, DOZ e.V. held an “Almanya in Arabic” Seminar about Life and Culture in Germany in a refugee home in Leipzig-Plagwitz. For only a few families are living there, we were working in a small, informal group, where there was room for everyone’s concerns and questions. Furthermore, the lecturer mastered an impressive balancing act between four languages or dialects: German, Arabic, Soran, and Kurmanc  After a short introduction in German history, politics, and economy, the participants could get to know each other better during a get-to-know bingo game. They were especially interested in cultural and social topics: Which behavioral rules do I have to follow in Germany? How do I build a good relationship with my neighbors? How do I find friends in school? Most of the participants have arrived to Germany a short time ago, which is why for them these questions about social relationships had a high priority. On the second day we also dealt with the question which advantages an official job has compared to an illegal job and how it can help to receive a residence permit or to find an apartment.

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