Charity Ceremony of “White Hands” Campaign | Kobani, Syria

“A campaign from Syrians to Syrians”

UKSSD Kobanî branch has set up a charity ceremony under the banner of white hands in order to support pupils and students of displaced Syrian families from other areas who are living now in Kobanî since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

The idea of this campaign was Ahmad Shekho’s, the director of Kobanî branch who believed the necessity to think of pupils and students of displaced Syrian families not only from the psychological and moral side, but also from financial side, for the lack of role of schools and depriving most of the pupils and students from studying since the beginning of the revolution up to this moment.

Kobanî branch has formed committees from the participants of the Union to tour in the town to ensure as much as possible from donations before the charity ceremony and to get some statistics to know the approximate number of the displaced families and pupils who can not join schools due to financial reasons. These committees included a specialized committee from the participants of the Union to find out the final statistics of pupils and students who were affected. More than 200 students were distributed at each school and the total number of schools that have been counted is twenty Schools.

The main purpose of the campaign of white hands and the charity ceremony is to meet the requirements of these displaced families regarding school uniform for their children and some financial support, especially those who have a large number of pupils.

This campaign has been announced on the official website of the Union and its Facebook pages, moreover, during the tours of the participants of the Union in the town, leaflets and invitation cards about the campaign were distributed ; furthermore, The information was updated on the campaign on a daily basis.

The campaign has begun since 1/11/2013, yet the charity ceremony was scheduled on the eighth of January 2013 in order to give a sufficient time for the donors on the one hand and to count the number of pupils and their families on the other hand in the Winter hall of Firat at five o’clock in the evening. The other reasons to postpone the charity ceremony were the difficult conditions that have undergone in Kurdish region in particular and in Syria in general, and because of the bombing which occurred in front of the headquarters of the Kurdish Red Crescent a period ago. nevertheless, it was well attended by pupils , students, parents , representatives of the Kurdish parties , civil institutions and some independent figures in the region.

The charity ceremony was started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by the Union speech that was delivered by the colleague “Ziva Kusari”, the deputy of the Director of the Union of Kobanî branch. She talked about the importance of this campaign ” in providing moral and financial support not only for pupils , but also for families in historical circumstances experienced by the syrians since three years ago.

After that, a foreign song was sung by a little girl expressing students condition in the light of revolutions, then followed by a theatrical performance by a group of the union’s actors which was about the anniversary of the massacre of the cinema of Amûda and the terrorist bombing that took place in Kobanî. After that, a song was sung titled (Aştî and Evîn- Peace and Love) by the singer Sadoun.” Then a wordless(silent) play was acted entitled “The revolution of science will prevail,” where it expressed the status of the student in the light of Syrian Revolution. After the completion of the silent play, a piece of music was sung by a group of students. In the end of the charity ceremony, the singer (Shad) concluded the activity with a song about the event.

This activity was witnessed by donating by the generous attendance where there was a special committee to receive donations from the residents of Kobanî and documented it in front of the entire audience, where the audience was remarkable and more than 500 people.

Despite the difficult conditions and the simple tools that the UKSSD relied upon in its activity on the ground, yet Kobanî branch met a large part of the requirements of schoolchildren, university students and the displaced Syrian families in Kobanî.

Interviews were conducted by the team’s media of Kobanî branch with the audience and the students. In most of the interviews , we noticed that such important steps encouraged on by the students and some os them requested to carry on more such activities. and the displaced families’ opinion about this activity that has been done by the union was positive, especially during the tours of the participants of the Union in the town and around it. In general, after listening to all the views of students and the community regarding this campaign that was carried out by us, we found out that it was clearly encouraged and respected.

We in the UKSSD are proud that we have carried out such a campaign like this for its humanitarian and educational content. We hope that all student and civil organizations initiate the same activities in northern Syria, and focus on education, pupils and students who are deprived of the study since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.


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