Conflict Management and Communication – A Workshop with DOZ and LaOnf

As part of our project “Preventing Violent Extremism as a Root Cause of Migration”, on 29.03.2019 we held a workshop on the subject of conflict management and communication at Pöge-Haus Leipzig, which was attended by two members of LaOnf.

To kick off the workshop we discussed the main conflicts that emerge in the projects organised by LaOnf as well as the different forms of conflict, bullying, and discrimination, before finally turning to potential solutions for escalating conflicts.

The importance of trainers and their constructive options for resolving a situation of discrimination were mentioned, as well as general techniques and strategies that can be used in an arising conflict.

During the workshop, we enjoyed a very open and personal atmosphere, where everyone had the opportunity to communicate their own experiences with conflicts and analyse them together with the group.

It will now be possible for the members of LaOnf to apply what they have learned in their field of work in Iraq.


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