Day of Kurdish Clothing | Qamishlo, Syria

On last week’s Thursday (March 10th), our UKSSD members in Qamishlo/North Syria celebrated the “Day of Kurdish Clothing”. What might seem rather as a cheesy maintaining of tradition at first sight, is actually serving a completely different cause.


For many Syrians, the northern part of Syria, Rojava, has become the safest region compared to other parts of the country. Nevertheless, many of the arriving internally displaced persons are still somewhat unfamiliar to the local, mostly Kurdish population’s way of life and their history, which often leads to stereotypes that can quickly cause ethnical divisions, especially regarding the current political situation. In order to thwart these developments, our teams inside Syria have implemented various programs promoting education and mutual acquaintance. While the plain lack of knowledge about somebody else’s ways of life (as well as the resulting inevitable mystification of these) might not be the sole reason for ethnical division, it certainly is one integral part of it that has to be counteracted.


The “Day of Kurdish Clothing” is only one activity among many, during which our members distribute flyers, post bills, have personal conversations about individual circumstances or even different ways of clothing. UKSSD Media Director Sipan Ahmed from Qamishlo concludes: “This day is a special day for the remembrance of the importance of history, that has to be presented to and revived with younger generations. Today, we as UKSSD Qamishlo spent our time on facilitating mutual exchange about our region’s Kurdish traditions between both the local residents on the one side and internally displaced people of different nationality on the other. The huge variety of colors, that Kurdish clothing consists of, shall be a symbol for the diversity of Kurdish history and culture as well as for social open-mindedness.”


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