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In the current situation of Syria, there is almost everywhere a lack of adequate help for children that had to grow up with this war – also because of the absence of international help. For already five years, these children don’t know what is an usual, carefree childhood. For five years, children in Syria are suffering from war, oppression and rejection of basic human rights. Many of them have been displaced, were tortured or had to watch their parents dying.

On account of this situation, the activists of the UKSSD provide, as reported previously, basic psychological and social support for children, some of them being traumatized. Doing this, the activists try to give them back their childhood that they had lost too early.

For this purpose, various activities are offered in the rooms of UKSSD. The activities include play rounds, entertainment as well as drawing and singing. Children can come over, to draw and do crayoning, which also helps them to express their feelings, there are no words for. When the children spend their time during these activites, they can also forget about their worries and simply enjoy a good time – a rare opportunity in times of war.


Kobani, 26.10.2015

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