Every child has the right to be a child

Report written by: Ahmed Shekho, UKSSD Kobanê


The situation in Syria during the last 5 years has created a social atmosphere in which many children have lost their very natural childish greenness due to oppression, degradation and general social indifference. Many of them also have been tortured, displaced and seen their parents being killed in front of their eyes.

That is why our UKSSD-members in Kobanê have now begun to start implementing programs in order to change this situation: painting courses, singing events and sporting events for supporting the children’s team spirit.

Throughout the next weeks we will publish more reports on these children and youth activities. At the same time we are still relying on your financial support so that our voluntarily working members can pay the necessary material, rent etc.

Our donations’ account is


Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

Account holder : Verein kurdischer Studierender in Syrien und Deutschland e. V.

Purpose of donation: „Youth activities“

IBAN: DE31 4306 0967 1162 1689 00


Bank Postal Code: 430 609 67


UKSSD e.V., October 20th, 2015

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