Female Student killed by ISIS | Hasaka, Syria

Avin Faisal hajj Ahmad  was born in Al-Hasaka, she lived in Al-Mifty neighborhood in Hasaka City. like any other student.. she started her life with study and superiority and keep on until she had General certificate of education with high grades and started studying at Civil engineering college in Al-Furat University -Hasaka in 2009.
Avin was one of the special students in her class, because of her superiority and studiousness she could advance summa cum laude and with excellent rate every and each college year.. so she graduated Within a batch graduating students in 2014.
Sadly, Avin never knew that there was another certificate waiting for her not similar to graduation certificate.. which was death certificate, because she was one of the victims in the terrorist bombing which targeted crowds of revelers at Newroz’s Eve 20.03.2015 in Al-Mifty neighborhood east of Hasaka Northeast Syria.
Treachery certificate which prevented Avin and her family from enjoying her graduation certificate as they always dreamed to.. prevented them from the celebration which they waited a whole year, and prevented Avin from seeing her name today within engineers division list as she always dreamed.
how you kill Avin and a lot of other students? how youth in Jasmine old deprived from the most beautiful moments of their lives to be killed and deprived?
May Mercy and Peace be upon the martyrs, and patience for her family and friends!




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