Forty days for Al-Mifty Newroz’s Martyrs |Hasaka| Syria

Hasaka city where it’s children’s laughter were heard when Newroz came…  and the mothers uttered trilling shrills of joy because they were so happy with Newroz,.  The tyrant Al-Dahak came again (according to original Newroz story, he represents death) this year.. the lights overturned to a black mourning… frightening smell of death has spread, and the crying could reach the residents’ hearts. Two blasts shook all over the place and the carnages blown in the air… making “grief” Last audible word… and Newroz has come the next day whereas no festival, no children, no lives except Freedom Torch.. KAWA AL-HADDAD’s TORCH.
Hasaka city.. Northeast Syria.. had a coward attack by ISIS on Friday 20.03.2015 with a car bomb which targeted the civilian crowd  in Al-Mifty neighborhood in Hasaka while the residents were celebrating their national fest “NEWROZ” ” Kurdish New Year” and igniting Freedom Torch “Newroz Torch”. This caused the death  of Dozens of innocent civilians exceed 58 martyrs and more than 150 wounded person. And a lot of the victims are from children, women and old people.
In solidarity with Newroz martyrs.. the martyrs of freedom torch.. UKSSD made a pantomime imitating what happened in the explosion site where the delight of children and adult with Newroz was turned to a big tragedy which will never be forgotten from the memory of the Humanity and especially the Kurdish people.
Hasaka bleeding Newroz proved again a Blind Hate trying unsuccessfully to weaken Kurds’ morale in their National Fest Eve. Also, this attack proves the quantity of hopelessness and frustration that ISIS and their supporters have after their defeat in Kobani.
We express our strong t condemnation for this barbaric terrorist attack, and we deplore the doers, and we ask Kurdish people to be vigilantes and work for Kurdish Unity and attitude in these difficult conditions of the history of our people… Terrorism doesn’t divide between Kurds no matter how different their party and political affiliation is.


May mercy be upon  martyrs and may the injured recover soon!


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