Introduction to Project Management – A Joint Workshop with DOZ and ICSSI

On 22.03.2019, as part of our project “Preventing Violent Extremism as a Root Cause of Migration”,  we held an all-day workshop on the subject of Project Management at Pöge-Haus in Leipzig, which was attended by 6 participants from Iraq and 4 members of DOZ e.V.

Over the course of day, we used a case study to discuss the entire project management cycle. This took us from the development of an idea, through to writing funding applications, right up until successful project implementation, along with the necessary bureaucratic elements.

The end result was that participants refreshed their knowledge or gained new insights for moving forward with the project ‘Preventing Violent Extremism as a Root Cause of Migration’, which they could take back with them to Iraq. The event provided everyone with great impetus for continuing with the joint venture over the upcoming months.


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