Joint Statement of DOZ e.V. GAV and DAN about the Situation in Rojava, NE Syria

Joint Statement by DOZ e.V., GAV, and DAN from Hasaka, Rojava, NE Syria


Despite the warnings that we expressed over the last days, that a mass humanitarian crisis is about to happen in North East Syria due to persistent random Turkish air force and artillery bombardment; and that the UN does not have the capacity to respond to another man-made crisis, these warnings fell on deaf ears in the international community.


The Turkish bombardment on NE #Syria until now has caused the displacement of circa 200.000 people from towns and villages from the border regions with Turkey and has killed dozens, including children, women, elderly, and PWD. The numbers are rising. Further, it destroyed local infrastructure including the main water pumping facility in Serê Kaniyê, which provides the whole of Hasaka City with water. Hasaka is now the only place that can take in the people who are fleeing from the war.


We, as local CSOs, with the help of donations from the local population, have been trying for two days now to provide what is possible from water to biscuits to blankets to guidance. But our combined efforts can only support some dozen families. The schools in Hasakah are now full with people who fled Amudê, Qamishlo, and Serê Kaniyê. Families need urgent humanitarian support, such as water, food, covers, blankets, mattresses, baby milk, and medicine.


We call on all global citizens of the world to support us:


  • Spread our call for action and share it in your local and international networks
  • Ask INGOs to stop their bureaucratic procedures and provide immediate aid and support to local NGOs without delays.
  • Call on International Community to call on Turkey to immediately cease their bombardment of civilians in NE Syria.



Signatories of the call from Hasaka, NE Syria:


DOZ e.V.

GAV For Relief and Development

DAN for Relief and Development


Hasaka, October 11th  2019

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