Local Coalition of DOZ, GAV, DAN supported 29,919 IDPs so far in Northeast Syria.

The emergency volunteer teams of local NGOs coalition of DOZ, GAV, and DAN supported 29,919 IDPs from October 10th to October 26th since Turkish invasion started one October9th , 2019 in Northeast Syria.

The joint volunteer teams that consists of (105 persons male/female) provided rapid basic emergency aid for IDPs residing at collective sites in Hasaka, Girhe Lege/Maabda town near Malikiyyeh and to IDPs residing within host communities in Hasaka and Quamishli city. The emergency aid included food rations both food baskets and RTEs, drinking water and juice, shelter materials, hygiene kits, and transportation services for IDPs on move.

The three-NGOs local coalition collected emergency materials and donations from locals in Amuda and Quamishli, In-Kinds  from and INGOs, and money donations from Facebook donation campaign in Europe.

The joint volunteer teams continue to provide emergency relief services for IDPs in main hosting cities especially in Hasaka and Malikiyyeh, and Quamishli amid high shortage in basic daily service due to large IDPs numbers; which reached according to local authorities to circa 300,000 IDPs including 90,000 children.

Despite the efforts made by local NGPs to provide basic emergency needs the gap in providing urgent aid is remains very huge. The aid provided so far by DOZ, GAV, DAN covered circa 9% of IDPs daily basic needs.

Local NGOs face great challenges in scaling up emergency response level due to absence of INGOs support and UN agencies that should have been on the ground in this mass humanitarian crisis providing rapid emergency aid to people in need. INGOs had to take their international teams out of northeast Syria and many stopped their programs based on security grounds. Although military operations are limited to border areas, they are not fully ack yet.

However; despite limited capacities of local NGOs they showed great capacity and flexibility in responding to current humanitarian crisis and moralizing local communities from all backgrounds to support through money or material donations. Local NGOs managed somehow to mobilize local resources and provide partial aid to IDPs those who suffered from killing and forced displacement due to Turkish ongoing bombardment that targeted civilians’ areas violating international law and not neutralizing civilians’ areas in its military operation in northeast Syria.


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