Participation and Community – A Workshop with ICSSI and DOZ on 21.03.2019 in Leipzig

On the second day of the visit of our Iraqi guests from ICSSI, we held a workshop at Pöge-Haus Leipzig on the subject of participation and community. The six guests as well as four participants from DOZ e.V. took part in the workshop and helped create an open, productive atmosphere over the course of the day.

To start the workshop, we collectively analysed the meaning of community in concrete terms, and in which forms communities can occur. Afterwards, attention turned to personal involvement in different communities and we discovered in which spaces communities overlap. Using workshop methods, we were able to elaborate on the space in which all of the members contribute to shared communities, thus creating a bond between the participants.

To conclude, everyone presented a visualisation of personal involvement to examine how the communities we grew up in helped shape us and the reality of the people close to us.

This workshop was part of our project “Preventing Violent Extremism as a Root Cause of Migration”.


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