PAX Dutch INGOs is one of the organizations working on peace programs and operating independently from political and other interests. PAX works with a wide range of committed citizens, social organizations and churches, including the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. PAX works on two main objectives, namely the development peace in conflict areas on the one hand and the struggle for human dignity on the other hand (as e.g. in organizing solidarity with peace activists and victims of war violence).


UKSSD e. V. started its cooperation partnership with PAX on July 15, 2015, within the project of “Promoting peace and civil awareness building for the promotion of civil co-existence to the north in the Syrian area (Qamishli, Qahtaniyah) Hasaka, Syria”. These areas have received a larger number of displaced people than any other areas with refugees coming from inland areas in Syria, where they were exposed to daily attacks and shelling as a result of the ongoing fights. UKSSD worked in many projects and events seeking to create a convergence among these displaced families and their community in order to achieve a balance in the region on a greater popular level, which was a direct positive impact on the local community. At the same time the Union’s teams worked on projects seeking to increase the promotion and dissemination of a culture of co-existence between different classes in the community by creating monthly workshops in peace and coexistence concepts, open loop talk shows, periodicals about the culture of exercising religious and nationals ceremonies, concerts bringing together children from different families, film screenings etc. Thereby civil society and peace was is and supported amongst the different groups of people (Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Yazidis etc.) forming the region’s local community.

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