Social Relations in Germany – “From Almanya to Germany” Workshop on 09.02.2019

This month, within the framework of our ‘Von Almanya nach Deutschland’ workshop, we were discussing social relations in Germany. On 09.02.2019, a group of 23 participants, made up of 15 women and 8 men, from Syrian and Iraqi backgrounds, came along to the Pöge-Haus socio-cultural center in Leipzig. Together with DOZ e.V and DaMigra MUT-MUTMACHERINNEN*, they took the opportunity to share their experiences, gain new knowledge, and discuss the open questions and problems that arise for Arabic-speaking people on a day-to-day basis.

As part of the workshops, we addressed a range of different social relations in the family, and with friends and neighbors. Group discussions provided the backdrop for highlighting the cultural differences – but also similarities – between family relations, and made it possible to examine the reasons behind the differences more closely. One significant issue was domestic violence, which was discussed in an open space. Together we tried to find solutions for overcoming patriarchic thoughts and structures, for strengthening children’s and women’s rights, and for building democracy within families.

One key issue was the relationship between friends and neighbors. Misunderstandings regularly arise in this area as a result of different cultural ideas, e.g. concerning recycling and legal rest times. The participants learned how to avoid such misunderstandings or to handle them more effectively. In future, this will foster greater understanding between them and the German host society, since the participants are not only able to better represent their own opinions and perspectives, but also understand and respond to other people’s points of view. This lays the foundation for intercultural dialog and mutual understanding and also creates a balance between keeping the culture of their home countries and adapting to the new culture of the host country.

Over a shared lunch break, everybody forged strong new bonds with one another.

While the adults were busy with the workshop, a professional childminder took care of the children in the adjoining room. They also enjoyed a fun-filled day.


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