Therapist Supportive Workshop for students II | Suruj, Turkey

Reported by: Narin Shekho.


A psychological rehabilitation project was launched by the Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany ”UKSSD” in both Suruj and Urfa cities – Turkey in order to support and rehabilitate those students who were captured in the late fifth month of 2014 by ISIS , this operation has been done when the students were coming back home(Kobani) from Aleppo after they have completed their junior certificate examinations. The capture took place in the city of Manbej between Aleppo and Kobanî. Their detention lasted from three to five months and they were released later in a successive way after undergoing an extremist religion cycle.


Session II of rehabilitation has taken place in the Turkish city Suruj, on 07.Dec.2014 with the presence of 15 students, the session began at 11:00 and inaugurated with a welcome speech by the colleague Ahmed Shekho, director of the Union in Kobani branch, he talked later about the prepared program within this workshop and the discussions that will be held within this session.


The session has been participated by the interior official of affairs and relations in UKSSD in Kobani, Mr. Dibirin Khalil, who provided the session with his valuable participation, touching at the beginning of his speech on the role of this session and its relevance, especially in these circumstances which were undergone by these students while being detained and then their coercive migration with their families to escape war and devastation that inflicted on their homes to become refugees in neighboring cities, including Turkey.


the program of the session began by introducing the first point that was addressed by the colleague Dibirin Khalil talking about the importance of this stage of age that they are passing through and each student should seek further in achieving what had been hoping for since their inception in the practical life, then he began to enumerate the secured plans for each student and how it works to achieve these plans coincide with the changes that happen in the country and with people like immigration and asylum in neighboring areas.


the colleague Ahmed involved in the session to shed light on a paragraph titled “Your Wish,” and began to talk about the importance of a planned future for each student and they should be seeking it to achieve their ambitions with all their efforts and strength in order to help, contribute and provide support for the others and to contribute this later in the rebuilding of civil and pluralized state.


Students responded effectively with colleagues Ahmed and Dibirin so that each student began to talk about what kind of ambitions and aspirations they do have and they are trying to achieve and some of them expressed themselves by writing them on papers, they also spoke in the context of their words about their vision of what is going on within the current reality.


The other part of the program began again with the colleague Dibirin; he sorted the students into several groups and provided them with colored papers according to favored color for each one of them, some painting that relate to peace, love, friendship, brotherhood, pluralism and civil were displayed and then he asked each group to write down their ideas and concepts about the mentioned words above and what do these words mean to them during what they are going through, focusing at this point to rely on teamwork through groups and engage with each other to exchange points of view.


Many students touched on the expression of peace, friendship and brotherhood through some of paintings they found that it would have a wider haven to express themselves through it. Before the conclusion of the program and lunch-time, a film titled “message of peace” has been displayed, this film was prepared by the team of UKSSD before the latest attacks of ISIS on the town of Kobani which claimed the migration of all residents from the town and subjected the town to destruction which did not differentiate between humans and stone, the film was one of the preparations for the World day of Peace on 09/21/2014 which took the name of “peace one day -2014 “However, the attacks and breaking into the town prevent the display of the film. Moreover, “Message of peace” was effective and integrated on the students.


In the end, the colleague Ahmad Shekho presented his thanks and gratitude to the students, stressing on the determination of the UKSSD to provide all what it has to service the civil society and especially students.


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