White Hands Campaign 2014 | Syria

Report by: Dilbirin Khalil

Translated by: Heinz Schneider


In the light of current economical and security challenges that most families face in northern Syria, the displaced families who fled from bombardment and arrest in other areas of Syria to Kurdish Region in north Syria is doubled. They don’t have capacity to send their children to schools in an ongoing crisis that its end seems to be not soon.

UKSSD in partnership with Syrian Regional Program (SRP) launched the campaign (White Hands) to assure integration and coexistence between locals and displaced families, and strengthen the social tries among them. The campaign targeted both locals and displaced families, and school materials support was distributed to 600 families (children of displaced and local families in need) so they can send their children to schools with the beginning of new academic year 2015. Also, to achieve a real integration and solidarity between children of locals and displaced families in schools so they Syrian society coherence will not be endangered due to the negative effects of violence and war in Syria.

The Campaign “White Hands” started in April 2014 through several activities and stages depending on a program designed by UKSSD teams for the cities: Qamişlo (Al-Qamishi), Tirbespî (Al-Qahtaniyeh), and Amûda (Amuda), in northern Syria. The Campaign started by launching a survey to assess the numbers of displaced families and local families in need, as UKSSD formed several student teams in the three cities who made statistical tours on houses for the first stage of the campaign. The UKSSD survey student teams when visiting displaced families assured them that: They are safe in the region and there is no deference between them and locals in terms of rights and responsibilities. The UKSSD student teams encouraged displaced families that they should send their children to schools, and that UKSSD will try to support them in future programs financially so they can secure a sustainable education for their children.

In August 2014 the second stage of the campaign “White Hands” started, which is purchasing an sorting school kits for the target groups. The school kits consists of: School back, stationary, and an educational game for children. The purchase stage was completed in Qamişlo city on 03.Sep.2014.

On 06.Sep.2014 Student teams leaders of the three cities starting sorting process of purchased materials to avoind duplication and to assure that each school kit is complete for each region according to the distribution plan. The process of double-check and sorting was implemented three tims to be sure about the quality of purchased materials and numbers of school kits.

Distribtion Stage started in Qamişlo City on 14.Sep.2014 and it took 5 days to cover all surveyed areas in the city such as: (Al-Sweiss, Qidur bek, Alaya, Al-Hilaliyah… etc…). Direct beneficiates were (235) pupils where (108) of them are from displaced families who fled form bombardment and arrest by regime or from ISIS from other areas of Syria.

In Tirbespî (Al-Qahtaniyeh), UKSSD-Teams stated the distribution on 16.Sep.2014 and the distribution process took 3 days to cover all surveyed areas in the city. All major neighborhoods and villages were targeted such as: (Al-Firdous, Al-Qadisiyah, Kamal Nasir, Al-Thawrah, Fayiz Mansoor… etc…). Direct beneficiaries were (194) pupils where (87) from there were from displaced families who fled from other parts of Syria to Tirbespî city Kurdish Region.

In Amuda city, UKSSD-teams started the distribution o 19.Sep.2014 to cover all major neighborhoods and villages in the city such as: (Jarnakeh, Al-Mahkamah, Qaso, Jawhariyah, et…). Direct beneficiaries were (170) pupils where (85) of them are from displaced families who fled for repression and bombardment from other parts of Syria.

UKSSD works hardly to provide support to students, pupils and their families especially displaced families and locals in need. We do wish to see education continues in the schools so Syrian children will not be affected by violence and war circumstances, and to avoid ignorance for our next generation who might be able to rebuild a democratic pluralistic free Syria.


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