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International Day of Peace | Syria

Campaign of “Peace One Day – 2013”


21 Sep is the International Day of Peace from every year and this day is dedicated to promote the ideals of peace between nations and people. International Peace is the ideal of political freedom, peace and happiness among all sects and denomination. The International Peace starts from the idea of ​​non-violence through which countries converge either voluntarily or by virtue of a system that prevents war. Although this expression is sometimes used to refer to a cessation of all hostilities between all individuals, the most commonly term of The World Peace refers to a permanent end to the global and regional wars and resolving conflicts in the future through peaceful means that’s against violence through dialogue and acceptance of others .

It was agreed on this day from every year to revive a campaign of “Peace One Day” all over the world by governmental and non-governmental organizations and by the international student unions where  activities set up in order to achieve convergence between two disputing parties and bring peace between them like  musical, theatrical, shared fast-food in the name of peace, dancing, concerts, competitions, introducing exhibitions, documentary films, organizing peaceful demonstrations and games activities etc. …

As it has not been working on this campaign in Syria either before the revolution or during it, the Union of Kurdish Students in Syria has worked to organize the campaign “Peace One Day” in Syria in the Kurdish region to be the first organization and the first union that works to achieve this international campaign in Syria thus place the name of Syria on the map of the participating countries on the campaign “Peace One Day” with other countries around the world.


Thus the Union of Kurdish Students in Syria with its branches (Qamishlo, Kobanî, Tirpespiyê )sets up the campaign “Peace One Day” on 21. September 2013, the union worked and organized this activity  on this day to offer so many activities like: exhibition of paintings of children about peace, theatre, poetry, documentary films and music. You can reach all the information about this campaign through union’s sites on facebook or through its website bellow:



The Union of Kurdish students in Syria hopes that this campaign will be the cornerstone which the peace and security will be built through again for our children, our students and our families in Syria. Moreover, we hope that all the forces on the ground, whether it is urban, political or military to support us in this day in order to achieve peace in our regions side by side. Peace can not be achieved except by the togetherness of everyone as individuals and as groups. first, let’s make peace with ourselves in this day then among us to get a better future for our students and our generations in the future.


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