Women in Leadership and Mobilizing Civil Society | Second Day, Qamishlo

Women in Leadership and Mobilizing Civil Society | Second Day, Qamishlo

A workshop entitled: Women in leadership and mobilizing civil society movement. “The second day from the activities of the workshop included discussing the sheet paper of the first day’s activity in the workshop, which was in the form of a set of questions, such as:
– Why are you doing this activity?
– What are your emotions and experiences in life?
And another set of questions and activities on behalf of (developing yourself)
Then one the female colleagues clarified the concept of the woman and security in the form of division of the participants of the workshop into two working groups included the following points: the definition of security – who is responsible for ensuring security – what is security? and a set of questions and inquiries, like:
– Can women achieve safety and how?
– Can woman lead leadership positions in community?
The activities of the second day ended by suggesting an activity on the working groups so each group thinks according to their opinions, how they would like Syria to be in 2020? and discussing the ways and the means about the possibility of achieving these visions.


11.Oct.2013. Qamişlo


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