Women in Leadership and Mobilizing Civil Society | Third Day, Qamishlo

The third day of the workshop has begun by discussing the literal text of “Geneva statement” and explaining the mechanism of the conference. One of the female colleagues has explained a review about the Syrian case on the construction of the Syrian transition to the authority of political pluralism, she also touched on the concept of advocacy and formulation of pro-effective strategies and lobbying.
She talked about inclusiveness, pluralism and participation of civil society and women in peace talks and negotiations as well. The colleagues have also discussed the obstacles which women face in our region and prevent them from participating in negotiations, peace process and the methods to resolve them. Then the participants of the workshop were divided into groups and each group wrote recommendations to decision-makers at the international level and the local level.
The activities concluded with a long discussion took place between colleagues about how to include women in peace processes and negotiations.


12/10/2013, Qamişlo



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