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Women in Leadership and Mobilizing Civil Society | Fourth Day, Qamishlo

The workshop which has begun on 10/10/2013 , was ended today on 13/10/2013. At the beginning of the activities, the colleagues have introduced themselves to each other with the activities they made in the field of civil society.
The workshop included a set of axes like the role of women in peace processes and her ability to activate it and have a great contribution in it. they also clarified the concept of women and security and how women can bring security, moreover, they touched on the concept of advocacy and women’s participation in conferences and negotiations that seek to achieve peace between peoples and nations.
It also included a range of activities aimed at developing thought and encouraging women to leadership and actively participate in all areas. The workshop concluded by displaying a film showing the role of women in achieving peaceful coexistence between communities and religions and with a long discussion between colleagues to assess the extent that they benefit from this workshop and its impact on their lives in the future.

Qamişlo, 13.Oct.2013