White Hands Campaign, First Phase | Kobanê, Syria

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.” ― Mother Teresa.

Due to the worsening situation in the stricken areas in the country and the poor living conditions, the UKSSD _ Kobanî branch has decided doing charity tours to extend a helping hand to a number of refugee families to the Kurdish areas after carrying its campaign of (White Hands) and receiving donations and aids from the residents of Kobanî, its shops and its markets for more than a month. The refugees are living in the present time in schools , they suffer poverty and despair and struggle with the winter cold.

After the census of the their population, the participants of the union initiated the distribution campaign , it lasted for two days to start in the morning and end in the evening on the first day.

The tour was limited to the distribution of clothes and its accessories, the participants of the Union have gone in their first round to the families that reside in the high school and upon their arrival there, the atmosphere turned from despair and cold to the bustle of the voices of children and the happily invitations of their mothers and then they went to help other families who are living in the warehouse of Maysaloon school, they are passing even more desperate conditions than other families.

Their happiness was not less than the happiness of the other families this pushed the participants to have enthusiasm to enter the happiness in the hearts of a larger number of people, then they went to the Industry School to find the situation of people there is passing from bad to worst and distribution campaign ended in Buds kindergarten .

The families who had a miserable and tragic conditions were 4 families , they are living in tents in the village of (Tal-eran).

As for the number of refugee families who got aid, they were 75 families. The remaining of the aid has been distributed to 25 families from the area.

On behalf of UKSSD _ Kobanî branch، we call upon the rest of the White Hands to initiate extending a helping hand to a number of other families who are suffering the same circumstances.

UKSSD e. V. | Kobani, Syria
Central Media Office

24.12 .2013



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