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Peace in Organic Agriculture | Qamishlo, Syria

Under this name and an appeal to peace, a team of the UKSSD Syria – Qamishlo has set up a campaign to distribute awareness brochures in the field of agriculture (organic) in the major and sub regions of Qamishli city. This campaign came to coincide with the Farmers Day which falls on the seventeenth of April every year, the campaign aimed to expand agricultural awareness through guidance in the cultivation of natural seed and relying on the natural products instead of those that are produced by chemical fertilizers which pose a threat to human, animal, plant and environment as well.

Agriculture is the farming system that relies on the use of natural and biological materials in cultivation instead of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful materials to the public health in order to maintain the health of humans, animals, plants and to reduce air pollution, soil and water.

The brochures included also a glimpse of the importance that lies behind the use of the natural agriculture and showing solutions to many farmers who face problems in conventional agriculture (risks the farmers face due to the use of toxic substances and consumers who eat these products that are accumulate a lot of toxic materials – the depletion of natural resources without rationalization – the environmental implications in terms of soil pollution, forest degradation and to fail to maintain biodiversity.

Natural agriculture(organic) contains important and useful characteristics, it is normal that its products are characterized by qualities don’t exist in chemical products. Nutrients products of natural agriculture(organic) characterized by:
-A distinct natural taste.
-Its life span after harvest is long and it doesn’t damage quickly compared to the chemically.
-Normal size and it is identical to the original variety.
-Its nutrients are healthy and closer to the nature.
-Free from toxic substances that is caused by the accumulation of pesticides and free ions.
-It is produced and manufactured in ways that do not harm environment.




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