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UKSSD – Tirpesbiyê branch has held a seminar on herbal therapy (Alternative Medicine) in the center of the union, it was an initiative step from the agricultural engineer Youssef Haji who is a participant of the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria.
The seminar began with a speech from the union welcoming the guests then they stood a silent minute for the souls of the martyrs, later Mr. Youssef Haji talked about respiratory diseases (pharyngitis, sore throat and nose ….. etc..) and how to treat them with herbs, he delivered also a detailed explanation of three types of herbs (parsley, linden and watercress) then he mentioned the role of each of them in therapeutics , noting as follows:
– Parsley: Contains a lot of vitamins including vitamins A, B1 and vitamin C. Parsley has a great efficiency which outweighs three times the effectiveness of the lemon, it keeps iron in the body and it is useful for the hair and works against infections that affect the body.
– Linden: It is not only used for decoration but has also a lot of benefits, it is diuretic for milk, useful against antiseptic of the stomach and helpful against puff.
– Watercress: it regulates the blood and it is useful against rheumatic disease
The seminar received a significant reaction from the audience on the raised topics during the seminar, many questions have been asked about the diseases and the possibility of the herbal treatment.



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