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The Farmer Rasheed Abde | Qamishlo, Syria

Interview by: Siliva Ahmed

Mr. Rashid Abde has affirmed that the planted crops throughout the year are winter crops, such as: (wheat – cumin – coriander …) But the summer crops are vegetables. He added that he imports fertilizer from a factory in the city of Homus called Urea fertilizer which is an earthy fertilizer composite of salts, phosphates and natural manure, it is considered one of the most important kinds of fertilizer.
He said that he uses tough and mushy seeds too, the mushy seeds are Sham “2-4-6” and the tough seeds are Sham “1-3-5″ he uses also oxidation and he added that lentils seeds consist of two kinds, one is ” Jazrawi Black and the other kind is Ricard which is white from outside and red from inside. He affirmed that he gets seeds and fertilizer through buying and selling from the state, but at the moment seeds and fertilizer are available in small quantities and the price is very expensive.

He mentioned the obstacles that he faces with farmers namely:
– Absent of diesel and if it is found, it is expensive compared with the production.
-Absent of inorganic and natural fertilizer .
-Absent of the fertilizer of sodium, phosphate and compound fertilizers.
-Difficulty of getting sterilization materials, weed control materials and agricultural fertilizer for the coming years.


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