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ISIS slaughtered a Kurdish student in Aleppo

A Saudi-Arabian from ISIS stabbed a Kurdish Student and beheaded him because he defended women from them in a bus at ISIS checkpoint in Syria


Caution: The photos of the crime are attached. Please if you are under 21 years old or have problems with blood and vioelnce scene, DO NOT look at the photos. 


The Militias of Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have arrested yesterday the citizen Muhammad Muhammad from the village of Kikan in the town of Kobani (Ain Al-Arab) in the province of Aleppo. He was arrested and slaughtered while he was on his way to the village of ”Al-Raii” which is adjacent to the border of Turkey so that he could move to Turkey in order to feed his family due to the difficult circumstances undergone by the region, and because he could not find any chance to work inside the country.

They forced Muhammad to get off from the micro-bus with a group of passengers on a checkpoint near the village of Jeb, then they took them to a village of Al-Shiyukh which is far from the town of Kobanî (Ain Al-Arab) about 20 kilometers. Muhammad was arrested after a brawl between him and one of the militant , identified as a Saudi citizen because of insulting a group of women who were without veil and trying to arrest them with their families.

due to Muhammad’s defense for women and not tolerate the behavior of ”ISIS” towards women, the extremist Saudi stabbed him immediately several times with a knife. He didn’t only killed him but he also beheaded him brutally and dragged him behind a car around 3 kilometers and he is headless across the town of Al-Shiyukh and then they threw him on the sidewalk to be close to people’s eyes. The rest of the passengers are still being held by (ISIS) until this moment and it is believed that they have been transferred to a prison in Jarablos.

Muhammad Muhammad was born in the village of Kikan on June 15, 1988 . He was graduated four months ago from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – English Department – University of Aleppo.

The UKSSD condemns these inhuman acts in the strongest expressions and call on the inactive international community and the UN Security Council to act immediately and seriously to stop these abuses and massacres that happen in Syria, as we hold both the Syrian regime and the Syrian political and military opposition responsibility for the presence of international extremist jihadist groups in Syria and their violations against the Syrians’ honor everywhere they are located in Syria, where both sides have failed to protect civilians, students, women and children inside the country.

Photos of the martye student Mohammed Mohammed,



The Graduation University Certificate of Mohammed Mohammed. He received it 4 days before he was murdered by ISIS:




The Crime Photos have not been published because they contain disturbing scenes.