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Newroz Refugee Camp | Qamishlo

There on the slopes of Shengal mountains (Sinjar) which is close to the Iraqi-Syrian border, Yazidis live since centuries in harmony with nature. Yazidisim is a peaceful sect and has its own beliefs, its geographical distribution extends towards Syria, Turkey, Iran and Russia. They are boast of being Kurds, love light and the spaciousness of the sky and mesh with the secrets of nature and the consistency of the seasons. They live on their mountains and performing their religious rites and rituals in a temple, known as «Lalesh». They have been subjected to religious persecution just like a lot of sects and minorities throughout history, yet «the terrorist quake» that swept through their area in recent days has exceeded all limits.

The Union of Kurdish Students in Syria – Qamishlo brunch visited Newroz Refugee Camp in the town of Derek to provide spiritual and financial support for them and to view the status of Kurdish refugees who fled from the midst of devastation that inflicted their homes due to inhuman attacks carried out by expiatory groups (ISIS) in many Kurdish areas and villages in Iraq.

During this visit, many interviews and inquiries are conducted with people (men, women and children), they talked about their suffering during their migration from their homes in Shengal until they arrived at the camp in Syria, the difficulties they faced and the danger they suffered during their escape; many of them have lost their children and their elders and they have no news whether they are alive or being exterminated at the hands of these expiatory groups.

Moreover,the refugees also explained that they are in good condition now through the services provided to them in the camp, especially food and water. yet they lack some other services such as toilets and sanitation which in turn brings them many health problems.

Children talked about the state of horror and fear that they have experienced and still haunting them, especially after the loss of their brothers and parents; they said that the Islamic extremist groups have taken their sisters and brothers and slaughtered and abused them in front of their eyes which brought them in extreme fear to go back home.

As for refugees’ number, the administration of the camp indicated that the estimate number inside the camp is about 1,500 refugees and General statistics indicate that there are at least 6,500 refugees from the Yazidis within Khamishlo area, distributed in several villages and regions.
Ancestors of «the sons of the sun» as Yazidis are nicknamed, have lived on their historical land for eras ago before this « expiatory and strange progeny» appear which is hostile to all that is related to life, beauty and light . Because this sect has maintained its moderate and tolerant rituals, it had to be disturbed. However, the appeal of life is stronger than «the crowing of death», and this sect will return to Lalesh to express the meaning of melting in the magic of nature and on the satellite channels which are suffering from scarcity of news.


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