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Translated by “Mohammed Ali”

In this era which encroaches in frantic race towards armaments and destruction at the expense of human development, we can only bemoan the bitter reality experienced by the world, the lives lost every day and the pure blood that shed every second, despite the fact that there are a common factor among all human races which is humanitarian race.

International Day of Peace is on September 21 of each year, this Day was dedicated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to peace education, the key preventive means to reduce war sustainably, this day is devoted to strengthen the ideals of peace among nations and people. International Day of Peace is ideal for political freedom, peace and happiness among all sects, it stems violence in order to avert wars, its construction of post-conflict requires integrated and coordinated actions aimed at addressing the underlying causes of violence, whether it’s political, legal, institutional, military, humanitarian, human rights-related, environmental, economic, social, cultural or demographic cause. It also aims to lay a foundation for a permanent peace. It can be looked at peace after the end of the conflict as a long-term strategy to avert conflicts.

This day gives all people of the world a joint event to organize and carry out activities glorifying importance of peace and democracy in realistic and useful ways. in 1981, under the resolution of 36/67, the International Day of Peace is observed annually on 21 September to be in sync with the date of the opening session of the General Assembly. This Day has been celebrated for the first time in September 1982, and in 2001 the General Assembly voted unanimously on the resolution 55/8282 which set September 21 as a Peace Day to refrain from violence and cease-fire. On this occasion, United Nations call for all nations and people to adhere to the cease of hostilities during this day, to revive education and to disseminate public awareness of the issues related to peace.

As it has not been working on this campaign in Syria, both before the revolution and during it, the Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany worked on this campaign “Peace One Day” in Syria to be the first organization and union that works to achieve this international campaign in Syria, and thus placing the name of Syria on the map of the participated countries in this campaign, equally with other countries from around the world.

Therefore the Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany with its different branches (Qamishlo, Kobanî, Tirpesbi) has worked effectively on the campaign “Peace One Day”. The organization of the activities has taken several months to offer later many activities in the form of festivities in the general halls of the region preceded by a public invitations from the union in Syria to attend this day, it received attendance by a large number of students and women organizations that is interested in civil society, writers, intellectuals, political parties and movements, youth co-ordinations, media agencies and satellite channels. The campaign began with a speech about peace and then displayed a short film about the activities of the Union during the past few months, moreover, a documentary film entitled “message of peace” was displayed, later the participants of the Union played a theatre under the name “Let’s Make Peace Together ” and presented a collection of songs and poems that call and advocate international peace.

Believing in peace, the Union continues to do this campaign in 2014 and it has prepared for it in all its branches inside and outside Syria since about more than a month to begin introducing its activities on 15 September 2014 which will continue until 29 September in “Qamishlo, Kobanî, Tirpesbi, Amuda”, aspiring that the real peace is the based peace on justice, equality and respect for human rights and dignity, and wishing that this campaign will be the foundation stone on which we build security and peace again for our children our students and our people in Syria. We hope from all the forces on the ground, whether they are civil, political or military to support us in this day in order to achieve peace in our regions together. Peace cannot be achieved at all unless we work together as one group.

Peace is one of the most important conditions for coexistence between human beings. The concept of peace developed through human history since the emergence of the so-called clan to tribal society. The tribes were holding with each other covenants and charters for understanding and coordination in trade and trips, then society developed to a modern civil society to have later international and governmental organizations such as : United Nations to strengthen the role of peace and renunciation of disagreement and international conflicts until peace has become a global demand for international coexistence and friendship between people and an undertaking for the principle of freedom for all.

Peace will remain an ideal hope. No one will feel its true value except those who have tasted the bitterness of wars and conflicts.



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