Activities of ” Peace One Day “|Tirbespi, Syria

UKSSD will address its programs in the campaign of ” Peace One Day” in Tirbespi which starts from September.14.2014 and ends on September.29. 2014 as follows:

1) September.14. 2014 : tour to distribute posters of “Peace One Day.” (Tirbespi – public places – at 10:00).

2) September.15. 2014 : painting contest for children “colors of peace with the brush of children.” (Tirbespi – Union Center – 5 pm)

3) September.17. 2014 : gallery of peace in the perspective of the youth, the exhibition runs until 18 Sep. 2014 in the center of the union . Show times (9:00 pm until 12:00 // 16:00 pm until 19:00)

4) September.21. 2014 : peace march “together to spread peace.”

Address of UKSSD-Tirbespi Branch: Tirbespi – Qadisiyah street – along with Isho factory.

Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany
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