ISIS’s Missiles Kill Civilians Everyday | Kobanî, Syria

Report by: Jiwan Kurdi

Translated by: “Mohammed Ali”


Citizens are shelled daily in Kobanî since the beginning of the onslaught of ISIS on 14/09/2014 which is supported by some malevolent quarters who are against the resided peace and security in the Kurdish town in northern Syria, Kobanî, yet not from Syrian regime this time, but rather exposed to the shells and rockets of ISIS that claimed since it its appearances its support for the Syrian revolution and believed by many Syrians before ISIS reveals its true face.


After the U.S.-led coalition has been pummelling ISIS targets in Syria over the past week, this terrorist organization turned to be  more aggressive in its war against Kobani.


ISIS strikes the center of Kobani town with shells and missiles and kills innocent people every day. In fact, the strikes carried out by coalition forces didn’t hold off Isis militants advance who have besieged the small town for over a week, on the contrary, they have caused outrage of ISIS and pushed it to reprisals, and made some other Syrian cities suspect that the American intervention was because of the Kurds, and this is not true.


Today morning on 28/09/2014 shells landed on two neighbourhoods in the center of Kobani to kill an old woman and injured four. In fact, we witness this situation every day and I do not know whether I would survive these strikes by ISIS in the coming days that reach the city center.


However, some of my colleagues from UKSSD and I are still in Kobani, and won’t leave our city to the darkness of ISIS, we are optimistic that the valiant Kurdish protection forces will achieve victory sooner or later, we will get back to our activities again.

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