Solidarity Cafe| Leipzig University, Germany

The students of UKSSD in Germany have organized a solidarity Cafe under the auspices of the official Union of Students at Leipzig University (Stura) to support the rehabilitation workshops which carried out by the UKSSD teams in the cities of Suruc and Urfa in Turkey in the end of 2014. The initiation came because all the INGOs/NGOs, the Syria National Coalition, the Kurdish National Council and the rest of the supporting bodies of civil movement have never supported this project despite of its paramount importance, especially in the current circumstances.
In May 2014, hundreds of students have been kidnapped by ISIS on their way back home (Kobanê) after finishing their exams in the province of Aleppo. Those students have been exposed to various levels of violence and psychological and physical pressure during the period of detention in ISIS’s prisons. Despite the importance of the support of the youth organizations that seek to achieve peace, stability and democracy in the country, none of the international or the local Syrian organizations supported students and young people, and even didn’t pay any attention to address their problems. Therefore, UKSSD seeks to provide simple support for these initiations in the hope that there will be more support and greater attention to young people in all areas in the future.

This activity was organized by UKSSD’s members. Many Kurdish, Syrian and German meals were cooked in addition to several kinds of sweets and tea in the main university building in Leipzig. all donations will be sent to the UKSSD team that organizes rehabilitation workshops for the affected students due to the imprisonment by ISIS. Moreover, brochures, newspapers and information about the civil movement and the current situation in Syria were distributed, furthermore, some information about (Legida) a racist movement that recently appeared in Leipzig were distributed too. Legida is a racial movement against foreigners and refugees which has a lot of Nazis who are against every person who is not German, and that movement is somewhat hostile to Islam, either directly or indirectly.

The UKSSD thanks all those who came to solidarity Cafe and contributed to the supporting of rehabilitation workshops that will be initiated again soon in Turkey. detailed media reports are going to be published about the new workshops that will be held in the future.