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Gradual Return of Students and Inhabitants| Kobanê, Syria

Reported by : Narin Shekho

A hundred and forty-six days separated the students and the residents from their town Kobanê due to the incitement attacks that caused the migration of at least four hundreds and fifty thousand people including men, youth, women and children fleeing from the oppression of death to take haven from the neighboring countries.

They came back after the city was liberated from the abomination incitement groups(ISIS) by Kurdish forces. Fierce battles ended with the victory of Kurdish forces and liberating the town from the extremist forces. noting that the attacks on the city and the destruction of homes and both private public property forced the civilian population to leave everything behind hopping of coming back in no time.

Today many residents return to Kobanê or (Eye of Kurdistan) as it is called by its residents. A team of students return also to complete their duties along with their families and the residents of the town in order to bring life to the it even if it starts with simple efforts until they be ready to resume their jobs like before. “Ahmed Shekho” director of Kobanê branch says:

We had to get out of the town after it was shelled in a barbaric attack which did not distinguish between a small stone, a child or a human. The union center in Kobanê was devastated with all its property. When we were out of the town, I had promised in my name and the name of my colleagues to return back and I’m today here back to my town accompanied by a number of my colleagues and we will work with all our energy to pursue education and awareness process among students and parents. Despite the lack of places and sufficient materials, we are going to start with our simple abilities, hoping to be there some domestic and international organizations to support us and cooperate with us to reach our aim.




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