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Report by: Diyala Darwish

Kobani has been a story in most regional and international media so far. Whenever they mentioned keywords such as: Siege, ISIS, Displacement, and Destruction… We remember Kobani as one of few cities that were attacked by ISIS or destroyed. Still, Kobani is the only city that ISIS with all its weaponry failed to occupy it.  Kobani people proved that they never accept seeing their city taken by ISIS.

ISIS laid a siege to Kobani since more than one and a half year as a strategy to force its people to surrender. As this plan didn’t work, ISIS brought all their armies and attacked Kobani from all sides on 14.Sep.2014. ISIS wanted to change the Kurdish Syrian identity of the city by claiming that its people are infidels and non-believers.

ISIS with their black flags wished to bring fear and terrorize Kobani people so they will give up. But they were faced up not only with the brave Kurdish Forces struggle, but also with courage of Kobani people who never accepted to see a radical extremist organization occupying their city, destroying their culture, and stealing their identity and self-determination.

The people of Kobani witnessed the bitter-taste of mass displacement on Turkish borders, still you coud se the determination that they are ready to lose anything but their dignity and land. They always said, we will go back soon, we will go back. Finally and after the victory against ISIS people proved what they have been always saying on the borders in the time of mass displacement.

From inside Kobani after the victory, Ahmed Shekho (UKSSD Kobani director) with other colleagues are sending a message to the world that Kobani will be rebuilt as it was before the war with ISIS. UKSSD team is willing to rebuilt our destroyed center and start its projects and activities again such as: Child Protection and Youth Development, Education, Women Protection and Empowerment, Civic Awareness Campaigns and Action, Workshops and Seminars, Anti-GMOs and Bio Agriculture activities, NFIs (if possible) and Health Awareness Campaigns and Actions.

From destroyed UKSSD Center in Kobani, where our team found some flowers and brochures were made to be distributed in our annual Peace Campaign (Syria, Peace One day 21.Sep.2014), Flyers about social coherence among Syrian spectra, and some certificates we used to give to pupils and students are still speaking loud and indicating that our work wil never stop. We will always resist and work till we achieve a democratic free modern country that can contain all cultures, languages, and people. We will restart again from Kobani and we will rebuild it again.

UKSSD Kobani team congrats Kobani people and all Syrians for the victory of Kobani against ISIS and promises that our teams in Kobani will start as soon as possible launching education alternative programs for children soon.




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