Farmers for Peace First Phase, Kobani

Report by: Ahmed Shekho

The agriculture sector in north Syria is the main actor in economy in Syria and it is the main financial source for most families in the north. On the other side, this sector is the leading employment provider to labor in the countryside.

Kobani a city which is officially under Aleppo governorate in northern Syria , has extended agricultural lands and people’s main source is agriculture. Due to the economical siege to Kobani, the inflation in prices of fertilizers and oil, lack of water, and recent war with ISIL, this sector got destroyed in Kobani.

As Kurdish Forces defeated ISIL and Kobani was announced a free city, civilians who fled to Turkey during the war are gradually coming back to Kobani, facing the whole destruction in great shock. They have lost their houses, properties, and machines. Above all, there are some war traders who got some food and basic life goods, but they sell it with very high prices to civilians who just got back without having any penny in their pocket. This exploitation doubled the suffering of people and is a great threat to food security.

After documenting all the pain mentioned above inside Kobani, UKSSD launched a small-scaled project for farming under the name: “Farmers for Peace” which targets farmers who endured pain inside Kobani during the war and farmers who recently go back after the freedom battle. The goal of this project is to provide local farmers with information on farming and providing some natural seeds of vegetables to them. Those seeds don’t require bog amount of water or fertilizers and it grows fast. The purpose is to find an alternative fast way to secure some food sources for local families and to encourage families on farming method. Also, it will help stopping the exploitation of war traders as people will start having their own source of food.

In the first phase of the project, a four hectare piece of land has been prepared to be planted with those seeds. The work will be implemented by local farmers and under agricultural local engineers. The engineers will advice farmers and teach them new simple tools on natural farming for such seeds without using chemical fertilizers. The seeds have been put in agricultural plastic packs ready to go in the next phase.



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