ISIL Mines cause three injured and one dead child | Kobani, Rojava, Syria

ISIL Land Mines Victims, Kobani

Report by: Bozan Ali Tartep

The filed hospital in Kobani received on 19.03.2015 4 children with server injuries due to the explosion of a hidden mine was planted by ISIL / ISIS in Qawmaji Village in Southern Rural Kobani.

While the children (Mohammed, Mahmoud, Fawaz, and Kawa) were playing beside their house in Qawmaji Village happily for the coming of Newroz Fest (Kurdish New Year Day) and the return of peace to Kobani;  a land mine was exploded under their foot. Those land mines were planted by ISIL/ISIS during their war to occupy Kobani. The mine caused severe injuries to three children and killed the fourth one.

UKSSD leadership in Kobani calls on all INGOs, Human Rights Agencies, Humanitarian Agencies and UN to take immediate actions in securing Land Mine Removing Specialized Teams so they can start as soon as possible a cleaning process in all Kobani and its rural areas.

Safety and protection of Children is the responsibility of everybody, therefore; each individual/organization has to be responsible in protecting  those children in Syria who have been subjected to violence and war since the beginning of the conflict in Syria.





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