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Ferinaz Khosrewani, Mahabad

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Subject: Ferinaz Khosrewani, Mahabad

UKSSD strongly condemns the rape attempt by Iranian civil servant called Murtaza Hashemi against Ferinaz Khosrewani, a 26 years old Kurdish girl working in Tara Hotel in Mahabad City in Iran. The Iranian civil servant convinced the hotel manager that if he allows him to rape Ferinaz, they will give the status of 5 stars to his hotel. To prevent rape, Ferinaz jumped from the 4th floor to her death on 04.05.2015.


Women Rights Organizations and local activists called on people to go to the streets in order to condemn these deeds such as the general repression by the Iranian State and its secret service. Kurdish cities in Iran such as Mahabad, Kermenshah, and Omriyah witness protests up to this date while Iranian police uses extreme force to suppress the protests in Iran. Around 70 people got killed and/or injured in the protests.


Ferinaz Khosrewani is not the first victim of dictatorship as Kurds in Iran are always subject to execution if they implement any political activism in the country. Many young students and activists have been executed after being accused of joining armed Kurdish opposition in Iran although many of them were only political activists.


UKSSD shows its sympathy and support to the family of Ferinaz Khosrowani and all political and human rights activists in Iran. We are in solidarity with the protests against terror of state, discrimination, and rape in Iran. As a consequence we have decided to organize a solidarity action in remembrance of Ferinaz on Wednesday 13th at 12:45h on main campus of Leipzig university.



If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

Mobile: 0151 19613870



Leipzig, 11/05/15