Solidarity Action for Ferinaz Khosrewani | Leipzig

Report by Ronya Othmann and Mark Schrolle

On Wednesday, the 13th May 2015, dozens of students gathered at the campus of the University of Leipzig to commemorate the dead Kurdish chambermaid Ferinaz Khosrewani. In fear of being raped by Iranian secret service agents, the young Kurdish woman had jumped out of a window of the Tara-Hotel in the city of Mahabad, Iran and died.

The students expressed their solidarity with Kurds in Iran that are protesting against the systematic oppression and discrimination in Iran since this incident occurred. The solidarity action was organised by the Union of Kurdish students in Syria and Germany (UKSSD). During the demonstration, the participants held a banner in German and Persian, demanding an end to the “patriarchal regime in Iran“. With this Action, the participants wanted to draw attention towards to the distress and the current protests in Iran.

In addition, the students criticized the indifference of the German government towards the events in Iran and called for more pressure on the regime of the Islamic Republic.

The UKSSD is shocked by Ferinaz’s death and expresses its solidarity with the protesters in Iran and furthermore, insists on the compliance of human rights in Iran.



Leipzig, 15.05.2015

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