IDAHIT*-Demonstration | Leipzig

Today, 17/05/15, about 350 people* were coming together in Leipzig-Gohlis to raise their voices against discrimination towards homosexual, transsexual, intersexual and asexual people*. This particular date chosen for the demonstration is hereby no coincidence. It was on 17/05/90 that the World Health Organization decided on erasing homosexuality of their ICD (International Classification of Diseases) list. The demonstration started from Turmgutstraße in Gohlis, passed the city center and had its final enunciation at Augustusplatz.

Throughout the demonstration several speeches were given covering the issues of social mechanisms repressing humans with a non-heterosexual identity. Furthermore electronic such as queer-feminist rap music was played.

As UKSSD e.V. we support all demands articulated today. Therefore we joined the demonstration with our own banner that refers to the death of Feriznaz Khosrewani and the current uprising in Iranian Kurdistan against the self-called islamic regime.

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