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Report about Kobani City after ISIS-attacks


Kobani (Ayn Al Arab):

Kobani (Ayn Al Arab), traces Aleppo province. It is located to the east of the Euphrates valley, away from the city of Aleppo, 157 km north-east at the Syrian-Turkish border, and to the northeast of Jarabulus about 40 km


Illustrative table for the chain of events


Date of the event


Name of the event


Description of the event

14.09.2014 Start of the war by ISIS on Kobani On this day, ISIS began pounding the city with artillery and set the siege from several sides
18.09.2014 Entering of ISIS (Daash) to Kobanî ISIS managed to enter the city because of heavy bombardment using armory that it obtained from the war in Iraq.

The displacement of 138 thousand people.


On this day, 138 thousand people have been displaced from villages surrounding the city to the Turkish border.
05.10.2014 The number of displaced people rose to 450 thousand people. Number of displaced people of the city rose to 450 thousand people and the city became empty of civilians.
26.10.2014 to 28.10.2014 Counting 2800 pupils and students by name in the camp in Suruc. A team at UKSSD began a campaign to document the number of students, in the largest camp for displaced people of Kobani, in order to open a school and provide teachers.
06.01.2015 Liberation of Kobani Syrian Kurdish forces backed by Peshmerga forces and faction from the Free Syrian Army succeeded to expel ISIS from the city and liberate it
07.01.2015 The return of 15 thousand displaced people to the city The first batch of displaced people returned to the city of Kobanî where they were stranded on the Turkish border closed
15.01.2015 Opening the border gate Murshed Pienaar Finally BORDER GATE was open (Murshed pienaar) and began the gradual return of the city’s population from Turkey camps to Kobanî Syria —According to UKSSD Statistics Teams on the border: every day three thousand people were returning to the city
14.02.2015 UKSSD returns to Kobanî On this day, it was the first civil union and student organization returned after the war.
17.02.2015 Documenting the destruction of Union Center in Kobanî Documenting the destruction of Union Center in Kobanî by Union with participation of partners and the media team
20.02.2015 Documenting the destruction and send a distress call A team from the UKSSD documented mass destruction in Kobanî and send humanitarian distress message from the heart of the city
12.02.2015 Documentation of destroyed schools in Kobanî UKSSD team documented the most affected and destroyed schools in the city  in order to get partners or support for the restoration and re-start the education
23.02.2015 The increase in the number of returnees to Kobanî UKSSD documented in this day returning of five thousand people at once to Kobanî via the Turkish border
16.03.2015 Opening the first school in Kobanî Opening the first school (Baath) in the city for elementary stage by the Education commission in self-management government of Kobanî
28.03.2015 Opening two schools in Kobanî Opening two other schools that had  lowest proportion of the damage and to be provide to intermediate and hi school students>
30.04.2015 to 13.05.2015 Assessment education in Kobanî UKSSD team started a process of assessing the education in two schools in the city
18.05.2015 to 25.06.2015 Displacement from neighboring areas to the city of Kobani and deterioration of the situation inside the city The city has seen a big wave of displaced people coming from the city (Tel Abyad, Raqqa) The city has witnessed the infiltration of the ISIS and committing massacres against civilians



Narrative Glimpse of events:

In 14 September 2014, in the early morning hours, ISIS began his fierce attack on the outskirts of the city. On September 18 2014, because of the intensifying of the fighting and the arrival of Islamic state into the city, caused the displacement of about 138 thousand people to the Turkish border to try to enter Turkey. Displacement has continued up to the 05.10.2014 to total about 450 thousand .435 thousand of them came to Turkish territory. About 15 thousand people stranded on the border and they were one of the first returnees to the city on 01.07.2015 after the announcement Liberation on 06.01. 2015
In statistic process of the number of displaced students, which had been carried out by UKSSD, with the help of the Adopt a Revolution organizations in the largest camps of a refugees in the Turkish city of Suruc (Afad camp)  the process started on 10.26.2014 until 10.28.2014  2800 students were counted  ranging between the ages (5 and 18) years, where the camp was Includes 7,000 by the camp management statistics.

The liberation of the city from ISIS was declared by the Joint Kurdish forces on 01.06.2015.on 01.15.2015 began the gradual return of residents to the city, through the crossing gate of (Murshed pienar). According to the statistics that have been provided by management team of the gate to UKSSD. About three thousand people were entering the city in the early days of the opening of the Crossing Gate. After the liberation of the city, Group of the UKSSD returned. to the city on 02.14.2015 to conduct activities in the city. On 17.02.2015, the group documented case of the destruction of the UKSSD center.

On 20.02.2015 the group has documented the case of the mass destruction of the city and send humanitarian appeal-6 to provide assistance to the city. UKSSD team has also on 21.02.2015 documented the devastation of many schools in the city, including (minor revolution for girls, secondary professional industrial, secondary Arts feminist)-7.on other the sideman the number of returnees to the city was on the rise. On 23.2.2015 during another visit UKSSD team to gate management 5 thousands of people was the number of returnees on 23.02.2015


Schools in Kobani:
On 03/16/2015 the first school was oppned  (Baath) in the city for elementary stage by the Education Commision in self-management in government of Kobanî and then on 03.28.2015 two other schools has been opened, which had lowest percentage of damage is provided by students in elementary and preparatory phase. These schools accommodate nearly 2450 student ranged aged (6-12 years) and nearly 218 students in the intermediate stage. According to the statistics carried out by UKSSD corresponding with the process for education assessment, UKSSD team began the Assessment On 30.04.2015 until 05.13.2015 and the evaluation data  provide a coordinated assessment on 14.05.2015.
Educational status and situation in the city in the recent period:
The main crossing point (murshed pienar) remained open to returning to the city until 06.23.2015. According to the statistics that have been provided by the local council on 03.02.2015, the number of returnees reached in the city to about 60 thousand people, including more than 20 thousand children between the ages (5 – 14 years), and there is more than 4 fully devastated schools and 17 schools need rehabilitation immediately. However, there is no documented statistics yet on the number of civilians returning to the city, but according to last estimatesm the number has reached about 120 thousand people.


As a result of recent events in the city (Tel Abyad).Kobani has received huge wave of displaced people fleeing from the fighting in their area, in  addition, since 23.06.2015to 25.06.2015 the city receive more displaced people coming from the city of Raqqa and Ain Issa .


The current situation 25.06.2015:
since three in the morning violent battles erupted as a result of the infiltration of a group of ISIS into the city,disguised in uniform Kurdish forces that rule the city since morning until now many of explosions caused by car mined are heard in he city with heavy deployment of snipers of Islamic state forces on the main buildings in the city. it claimed very large numbers of civilian casualties and a large number of the wounded where statistics are not yet documented because of the continuity of the clashes, according to media sources in the region.
1. Not any international organization supported any projects or proposal of the UKSSD for the education sector in Kobani.

  1. There is need to renovate schools and provide teachers teams and there is a strong need to support reconstruction, in order to activate the education sector in the city.
  2. UKSSD in Kobanî ready to work in any project in the education sector and is ready to provide accurate details of any school with financial details of the expected cost.



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