Rally in solidarity with the victims of islamist terror in Suruç in Leipzig market place.

Rally in solidarity with the victims of islamist terror in Suruç in Leipzig market place, today at 6pm.

On Monday this week, a malicious and inhuman bomb attack killed more than 30 young political activists and students in the Turkish-Syrian border town of Suruç. In addition, more than one hundred people were injured. A second attack in the Syrian-Kurdish town of Kobanê luckily could be prevented by the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG).


We neither want to remain silent any longer, nor do we want to hide behind the reality of what seems to be a idyllic world. The cold-blooded attacks by the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” whose only intention is to blur a humanist perspective regarding the political developments in Syria/Rojava and Turkey.


The victims had gathered in the “Amara”-cultural center in Suruç in order to help rebuild infrastructure and bring relief supplies as well as toys into the city of Kobanê that had been destroyed during the war with IS. They were organized in the Federation of Socialist Youth Unions (Turkish: SGDF).

Today, we as UKSSD e.V. will gather at Leipzig market place (Marktplatz) at 6pm in order to commemorate the courageous activists and to show our solidarity with the democratic and civil forces in Syria/Rojava and Turkey. Furthermore we want to emphasize that it is not only our anger and sorrow that we want to express. As Leipzig is one of many places people flee to when escaping war regions like Syria and Iraq, we – once again – want to express our demand for a humanitarian and sustainable perspective for all refugees in Leipzig.

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Leipzig, 22th July, 2015

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