200 x 10€ for sustainable activism in Syria – Part I: UKSSD Kobanî

Support our Social Centers in Syria: Sustainable activism now!

Our UKSSD centers inside Syria have been left without stable funding for one year now. All the time and work spent on the creation of a new, democratic and participative society is unpaid.
In addition, our teams inside who have been working on a voluntary basis for five years require very basic materials such as books and boards for teaching children, and utilities such as generators in order to ensure basic services. Additionally, rising rental prices for our social centers are becoming an increased financial burden.
In order to illustrate the urgency of our call, some of our Syrian members have decided to talk directly to you.

Nobody decides to flee willingly from their familiar surroundings. In order to make Syria a place where people can once again live in peace, it needs civil organization inside Syria and your support from abroad!

For maintaining the most fundamental basic services, we need 2000€ within the next 7 days, thus 200 donations of 10€ each.

Our donation account is:

Bank’s name: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Account holder : Verein kurdischer Studierender in Syrien und Deutschland e. V.
Donation’s purpose: „Rebuilding Society“
IBAN: DE31 4306 0967 1162 1689 00
Bank Postal Code: 430 609 67

Sustainable activism – now!


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