Final Test of the Mathematics Cycle for Students of ninth grade

Eight months after the mathematics cycle taught to students in the ninth grade by Ms. Levin Hussein in UKSSD Center in Tirbespi, Ms. Hussein discharged these students through a final test to complete the mathematics curriculum. The test was accompanied by a party for the students in order to encourage them to follow up on their studies. They stay in touch with each other and with their school in case they need help or have any queries.

The paragraphs from the test, that the students passed, were got back afterwards in different ways in the form of contests to work together in order to answer the questions that had been put on a whiteboard, as this test has encompassed many scientific and mathematical operations, including the game How to draw geometric shapes and an introduction to Algebra, which were based on the accuracy of observation and concentration during the drawing. Moreover, the students split into two teams in order to compete in the game to recognize and calculate numbers by variables and geometric shapes.

In conclusion, the students strengthened and benefited from their talents and were further encouraged to recommend the UKSSD-Center to friends and those who have not yet taken part at educational courses of UKSSD. Education is the best and most efficient medicine against individual as well as social hopelessness and lack of perspective. Yet, international efforts still focus on military actions instead of investing in education and educational programmes that allow youth to regain emboldening perspectives.


Tirbespi, Syria

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