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The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations – UNAOC in its 7th Global Forum (Living Together in Inclusive Societies a Challenge and A Goal) has selected 150 participants to envision the Narratives of Tomorrow on behalf of World Youth. The Narratives of Tomorrow consists of 10 thematic groups one of them is Peacebuilding.

UKSSD was one of the selected organizations which took part in 7th Global Forum represented by the chairperson Abdulaziz Ramadan to draw The Narrative Living Together in Inclusive Societies: A Challenge and A Goal for Peacebuilding. Each Narrative was presented for 2.5 minutes before the High Representative of UNAOC Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasir, UN Youth Envoy Ahmed Alhendawi, and the government of Azerbaijan represented by Ministers of Education, Culture and Tourism.

This Narrative was a contribution of 18 Young Leaders from various countries to emphasis our mutual vision in Changing a story, the story of our time and near future. UKSSD as a Syrian Youth Organization, we hope that plans turn into good practices and that UN and member states provide more space for participation of Youth Leaders in representation and decision making process because we are here TODAY, we should not wait till Tomorrow.


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