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UKSSD in Diaspora Action | Berlin Community Workshop Aug 2016

UKSSD – Syria took part in the final Community Workshop of Diaspora which took place in August 2016 in Berlin.

Berghof Foundation organized the third community workshop as part of the Diaspora Emergency Action and Cooperation (DEMAC) DEMAC Project initiative which was held on the 6th and 7th of August 2016 in Berlin.

The project, which is funded by the EU’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department, aims at improving diaspora emergency response capacity and coordination with the conventional humanitarian system for an improved response to the needs of the affected population. The community workshops seek to disseminate the lessons learned from the subsequent international thematic seminars to a wider network of diaspora organizations. The three thematic workshops brought together actors from the diaspora as well as from the institutional humanitarian system in order to
exchange ways and methods of working and identify possible synergies and ways of cooperation.

Mr. Abdulaziz Ramadan from UKSSD e. V. presented the diaspora’s role in the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). Through the DEMAC initiative some humanitarian diaspora organization could take part in the WHS. There were two levels of meetings at which the diaspora was represented (high level meetings and special meetings). During the WHS, the Diaspora was also able to put forth their recommendations:

1- Recognize the role of diaspora as aid provider
2- Strengthen partnerships and cooperation: Platforms and partnerships should be reinforced between relevant parties
3- Reinforce capacity building and knowledge sharing
4- Improve effectiveness of humanitarian actions and funding mechanisms
5- Enhance greater visibility of diaspora contributions Furthermore, during the WHS a joint diaspora commitment statement was drafted and signed by more than 50 diaspora organizations. The document outlines how the diaspora humanitarians will go forward with the humanitarian system.

To read full report as PDF click on the link:…/workshop-report_berlin_englfinal-2.p…