The third “Almanya in Arabic” Seminar on January 9 and 11, 2018

The third „Almanya in Arabic“ Seminar took place on January 9 and 11 at a language school in Leipzig-Lindenau. This time the group consisted mainly of women and only two men. This caused an exciting group dynamic. The lecturer managed to create a very familiar atmosphere, where everyone could openly share their honest opinions and thereby contribute to a lively discussion. This was possible due to diverse methods and topics as well as funny anecdotes by the lecturer.

After a short presentation of German history, economy, politics and society the participants were animated to become active themselves and to share their opinions. This is how an inspired exchange arose about topics like recycling, public transportation, authorities, rules of conduct, raising children and learning German.

A highlight of the second day was a bingo game to playfully get to know each other better.

The third day was meant to help the group grow closer together, to do something together and to get to know Leipzig. So in the morning of January 12 the whole group was invited to a stroll around city center and to learn something about the “Peaceful Revolution of 1989”.

The seminar was received very positively by the participants.

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