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Oh, what a complicated German school system… – Almanya in Arabic on January 24, 2018

The first Month of 2018 was packed with many exciting seminars with lots of fascinated participants.

One of these was the Specialization seminar about the German School System on January 24th. Around 10 interested parents were able to share own school experiences they made in their countries of origin. Afterwards these experiences were compared to the German school system. The lecturer managed to vividly explain this very complicated school system and to demonstrate the various educational paths that are open for children and young adults. Possibilities of going to University or to complete a professional training were also discussed.

The participants enjoyed discussing this topic and asked lots of questions, which shows a large interest in the topic. One question that was posed was how to better support their children in learning German. The lecturer’s advice to turn the TV to a German program was received as very helpful.