Norms, Values and Cultural Diversity in Germany – Almanya in Arabic on February 23, 2018

On February 23rd, DOZ e.V. organized a Specialization Seminar as part of the project “Almanya in Arabic” at the office at Shakespearestr. 18 in Leipzig. It dealt with the topic of norms, values and cultural diversity. Due to the method of the “Value-Square” it was possible to find a playful access to partially controversial topics. The participants received sheets of paper with sentences written on them, e.g. “At the cinema I turn off my phone.” They were then asked to pin these sentences to the board where a “Value-Square” had been drawn. First, they decide whether they agree or disagree with their sentence and second, they decide whether they want everyone to think the same way or they accept other opinions about the topic. Afterwards several sentences and their position on the board were discussed and they could also be moved around. Meanwhile interesting discussions developed surrounding topics like raising children, sex before marriage, language, social interaction with neighbors and many more.

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