Apartment search, work, culture and every day life in Germany – Almanya in Arabic Seminar on May 14 and 17, 2018

On May 14 and 17, 2018, we met again with a group of people who were learning German in Leipzig-Lindenau. Most of them were women, who had just arrived to Germany.

At the beginning, the lecturer asked about the interests and potential problems, the participants might have and want to talk about during the seminar.

How to receive or renew the current residence permit? The majority of the participants came to Germany due to the right of family reunification and a few others do not have a residence permit yet.

How to move to another city?

How to find an apartment? This question was once again one of the biggest difficulties encountered by people just arriving to Germany. Therefore, volunteer members of DOZ e.V., who also participated, presented several websites and apps that could be useful for the apartment search.

Furthermore, we talked about cultural topics of everyday life by comparing the German and Middle Eastern societies, as well as the social rules that one has to follow in a new society.

Eventually, the participants thanked us for the seminar and wished for more activities of this kind, where they can receive more useful information.

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