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DOZ League 2018 Info Event

On Saturday, 30.06.2018, we organized the first info event for the DOZ league 2018 project at Mühlstraße 14 in Leipzig. At the beginning, Dr. Ursula Bischoff, sociologist at the German Youth Institute, led the presentations. The group was made up of people from different countries of origin, so we had no participants from the same country. Mrs. Bishoff made us think about what brought us together and encouraged us to understand ourselves as a group. During a short break, we not only had the opportunity to satisfy our thirst and hunger, but also to have pleasant conversations. Then the speaker of the DOZ league explained the entire project and described the project’s timeline. The project covers two areas: the organization of a football league and the acquisition of social media skills. The training will begin in mid-July. The DOZ league will take place between 06. and 14.10.2018. The entire project is being filmed and reported online. At the end of November, the result will be presented in public by the media team. At the end, the football coach Kassm Kanbr presented his plan and the course of the training. The whole event was multilingual, so everyone could communicate. So, if you are between 16 and 23 years old and like football, want to improve your skills, and also learn something in the field of media – regardless of your origin and gender – feel welcome and cordially invited!

The article is also available in العربية.