What does culture actually mean? – The first “From Almanya to Germany” Workshop on 21.12.2018 in Leipzig

On 21.12.2018, the first workshop of our new project “From Almanya to Germany” took place. Together with a group of women and men from Syria and Iraq, we spent a day in the Pöge House in Leipzig and discussed culture and intercultural communication. The participants openly exchanged their own experiences and talked about the importance of culture. They also discussed prejudices and misunderstandings that can arise when people are not familiar with each other’s culture.

The speaker introduced case studies with which the participants could easily identify. These practical examples of relationships between parents and teachers or between employers and employees were used to find out how misunderstandings arise and how to resolve them, taking account the multiple perspectives that could be involved.

Participants learned new information, exciting discussions and case studies that were applicable to their everyday lives and opened up new ways of solving potential problems.

While the adults exchanged ideas about culture in the workshop, the children of the participants played in the neighbouring room under adult supervision.

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These workshops are free of charge. Childcare is available upon request.

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