As summer vacation does not seem to come to an end…

It has been more than one year until now ever since the North Syrian city of Kobanî was destroyed during the attacks by IS militias. Like in any other situation of war and terrorist attacks, it is the civil population to suffer most. Around 20,000 children do thus not have access to basic education as a major part of all schools has been destroyed. As of today, there is no school working independently from local political parties, simply because of international aid organizations still rejecting their support for the local population.

But as regular summer vacation officially has come to an end, local students who have decided to stay in Kobanî continue their work to change this current situation. In the course of local peace festivities, members of UKSSD Kobanî branch voluntarily have been organizing courses preparing children for future school attendance. Furthermore, they have been painting the walls of local schools in cooperation with local children in order to bring some colour into the grey streets of the city. Still, there is a serious lack of any kind of financial or political support.

The “refugee crisis” in Europe needs a political solution – trying to fight the root of the problem is the best way to start. Therefore, we as UKSSD e.V. again send an urgent appeal to all political players involved for immediate political and infrastructural support!


Furthermore, we are thankful for any financial donation enabling us to implement the programs that have been planned for the following weeks. Our donations account is


Bank’s name: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Account holder : Verein kurdischer Studierender in Syrien und Deutschland e. V.
Purpose of donation: „No more vacation!“
IBAN: DE31 4306 0967 1162 1689 00
Bank Postal Code: 430 609 67


In case you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to!

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